Xin chào, chúng mình là LACY

We are photographers specializing in photojournalism. Starting in 2016, we are 2 founders and have done wedding photography for over 200 couples. We always want to include the stories of our guests in the photos to make them unique and to convey the personality, love of the two people and our perspective on that love.

We believe that every couple is different, so the image of each couple must be personalized according to each story shared with us. By maintaining such a photography perspective, we are confident that every couple who comes to Lacy will enjoy and experience their own story, not just coming and taking a picture.


We are photographers based in Hanoi. However, Lacy is always ready to accompany you at any location.

Just choose a place you love or a place associated with a certain story of yours, we are ready to accompany you to record that journey.


support you in every way during the photo shoot

It's not just about filming and taking pictures. Lacy has a wide range of partners providing all the services you need for a photo shoot
Surely when you come to us, you will have the right to enjoy the best service incentives
Let's find out who our partners have